About our cargo nets

The Gladiator Cargo Net was developed to prevent crashes, injures, fatalities and the economic losses associated with unsecured loads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) there were 51,000 crashes with 10,000 injuries and 440 known fatalities in 2010 due to unsecured loads. Currently the Government Accountability Office (GOA) is collecting data on unsecured loads because of the problems they create. This includes causing traffic accidents, injuries, fatalities and economic impact. Our cargo nets are widely used by government, commercial fleets and everyday haulers where safety is a priority. With its patented combination of webbing and heavy-duty mesh fabric, the Gladiator Cargo Net outperforms every other cargo net on the market. Rugged, yet flexible, with 60 to 180 grommet’s to anchor the net to your vehicle, it comes in sizes to fit any vehicle from an ATV to 18-foot trailer bed.

Every one of our product lines of cargo nets are independently tested to secure loads. All components are stamped with their individual tested rating. Testing reports are engineer certified and stamped with the state seal of California. The Gladiator Cargo Net has been certified by the BSI Group of Australia to meet the stringent ANS/NZS 4380.2001 Standard. This standard is developed for motor vehicle cargo restraint systems, transport webbing and components. They are used by the DOT and NACSS approved.

Although the Gladiator Cargo Net is the flagship product we also offer medium-duty and light-duty securement systems to fit any customer needs. I take great pride in the development of my cargo securement systems. They help keep our roads safer and cleaner by reducing road litter and dangerous debris.

-Bruce Foggy, Founder/President

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Applications: Cargo nets for pickup trucks, commercial trucks, service trucks, long bed trucks, derrick trucks and trailers.